Fancy a coffee in a new area? What is the first thing you do?

Google search and type - “Top 10 coffee shops near me” and Google shoots a list. This happens through various digital data points like- digital presence (website & Social media), customer reviews and feedback on google, but most importantly this happens through SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. 


How does SEO work?

There are some relevant keywords picked up from your website. So whenever someone searches for that keyword, your website comes up. For eg- You own a coffee shop and put one of your keywords as “Coffee shop” and if anyone searches “Top 10 coffee shop near me” you will be in the searches.


Now, the key point here is that linking keywords is only the first step. Making your site come in the top searches is where the real work is done. Usually, people don’t go beyond the first or max second search page of google.


So how to reach there?

The more engagement on your page, the higher will be the rank in the search list. More SEO words, more appearance on various search options. 


So how do we help?

Research the relevant searches for your industry

Re-work on website content, if required, to use keywords for SEO

Analysing data to understand the impact of SEO

If there is a high bounce rate then analysing the causes of that to improve engagement

The end goal is to make your page come in the top 10 searches of Google

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